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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at OceanFirst

"At OceanFirst, we are acutely aware of the vital importance of maintaining responsible ESG policies and practices – to serve the interests of our stakeholders; expand access to economic opportunity; protect our enterprise from external risks; and fulfill our responsibilities to our communities, society and planet."

Christopher D. Maher

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

About OceanFirst

Founded 1902 937 Employees OCFC Nasdaq 40 video tellers 264000 transactions since 2014 500+ customer chats per day $9.7 billion deposits $8.6 billion loans $11.7 billion assets

Our Social Commitment

From responding to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic; to our commitment to providing products and services to meet the unique financial needs of our customers and the communities we serve; to the Bank’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; OceanFirst remains steadfast in our social commitment.

Please review pages 6-19 of our ESG Report and the Human Capital Report section of the document for more information about OceanFirst’s social commitment.

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Environmental Stewardship

OceanFirst’s impact on the environment is primarily related to the operations of our office and branch locations, our role in financing homes and businesses, and the activities of our employees and suppliers. As a financial institution whose market area has included many shore communities, we recognize that climate change is a fundamental issue for our planet and society and believe it is essential that we play a role in addressing the threats of climate change.

Please review our ESG Report, beginning on page 20, for more details about OceanFirst’s commitment to the Environment.